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About Brand

Production capacity of MAGGIO brand are located in Milan, Moscow and Guangzhou. It’s included design studio and sewing factories which allows to make whole cycle of dress creation: from the idea to sewing.
The effort of our designers are directed to create the original collections. The MAGGIO trade mark — is a conjunction of higher quality and a unique design, which is accessible for our customers.
The zest of MAGGIO
All of the designs of MAGGIO brand are created to give lightness, comfort, grace and elegance, easily underlining the success and refined taste of our customer.
All for ladies
Cause of the assortment diversity from cocktail to laconic, evening and wedding dresses to casual capsules — MAGGIO is about to melt hearts.
The dealer network
One of the biggest goals of MAGGIO trade mark is creating a strong dealership in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. We highly value our partners and welcoming new partners for profitable cooperation
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